About Me

NameAnirban Chakraborty

OccupationI get by with a little help from my friends

The country I was born in India

The day I was Born on earth22nd November 1983

Personal Background – I was born in the city of joy Calcutta (present day Kolkata) to a middle class, progressive, unorthodox, Bengali family. I was, fortunately, the pampered child of the family – the collective apple of my three forever-bachelor uncles’ and my two aunts’ eyes. My dad worked in the public sector but lived his life with unparalleled swagger. My mom, according to me, is the sweetest woman who ever walked the earth and the epitome of simplicity. My sister (first born to my parents and my only sibling) is a happy homemaker, however, growing up with me wasn’t easy for her. Since 2010, I have been happily married to the most amazing woman I have met in my life. And in the year 2017, I became the proud father of the most handsome boy ever, named Neo.

10 (interesting) things about me – 

  1. I am philosophically lost. My moral belief system oscillates between Texan libertarianism and the V.I.K.I.’s (from I, Robot) utilitarianism…. most of the time, however, I strongly desire for a utopian society based on liberty.
  2. Life goes easy on me, mostly, and I thank my family and friends for that.
  3. When it comes to politics, my feelings resonate with the band Stealers Wheel who said “clowns to left of me jokers to right …. Here I am stuck in the middle”
  4. Although I don’t consider myself to be a stereotypical Bengali man, most of my co-workers do and call me “Dada”. Personally, I would prefer Lord Anirban for a noble man and the honorable/chivalrous knight that I am
  5. In my quest for creativity, flamboyance and charm…. most of the time, I mess things up bad. But when I don’t…. I tend to do good.
  6. I am enough of an artist to draw from my own imagination. And though I would love to say that “I am a man of wealth and taste” that will be a lie,
  7. My boss calls me “Lord of Darkness” as I always keep a toy-statue of Darth Vader on my work desk. As of 2018, I am 34 years old. (Going on 15, obviously)
  8. I keep forgetting important dates. People are used to it by now.
  9. I am a marketer by profession and a storyteller by choice, and life keeps me forever intrigued and inquisitive
  10. I believe my life is a movie and I am the protagonist. I keep my consistent efforts going so that it doesn’t get boring to the intergalactic audiences that may be watching.

Why this website?

Because I want to. I want to share my perspectives on random topics, that are good fun to discuss over a cup of coffee, drinks or smoke, which add some welcome recreation in our busy, boring schedules. I get to create stories, and the viewer gets to know my honest thoughts. Thoughts which are ideally, virtually, exquisitely, oneirically and with noble intentions are coming from a man, who is:

  • Middle-class by roots
  • Maverick by thought
  • Magnanimous by nature

Making the most of what I’ve got.