10 Legendary Rock Bands

Rock music is a huge cultural force, its long and evolutionary history encompassing literally hundreds of sub-genres it is impossible to pick out 10 best Rock Bands. However, I am trying.

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10 of my all-time favorite country songs

Country songs are amazing because of the unadulterated relatability of the songs combined with the artistry, poetry and charm of the iconic country singers. I thoroughly enjoy country music as there’s always a compelling story told in a way that is charismatic, yet so closely associated with life. And the more I can relate to them, even within my contemporary surroundings, the more euphoric they make me feel. Check out 10 of my all-time favorite country songs.

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Ten Sad, but Legendary Rock Songs

Our enjoyment of sad music is paradoxical – we go out of our way to avoid sadness in our daily lives but in the fields of arts, themes such as loss, grief etc. can be safely experienced, profoundly enjoyed and even celebrated. I am no different. Rock music has been the fuel of my life and, like most of us, life makes sure I witness my share of crests and troughs. So, when my chips are down or I’m in need of some motivation, I go to these ten sad but legendary rock songs to keep me going

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